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Precision Logistics International, LLC

Our Core Capabilities

Supply Chain Management Strategy and Services

We analyze and gather data to understand client’s strengths, weakness, potential opportunities, and problems. Core focus areas include:

  • Health Care Supply Chain Consulting Services
  • Operations Management Solutions
  • Demand History Improvement
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Inventory Management and Analysis

Integrated Logistics Management Solutions

Our solutions involve integrating logistics business processes to help clients coordinate and optimize the flow, storage, and distribution across the entire supply chain. Core focus areas include:

  • Warehouse Management Software Integration
  • Warehouse Management Operations (Receipt, Issue, Storage, Distribution, and Disposal)
  • Business Process Integration
  • Mail Room Operations

Facilities Support Services

These include facilities management services for buildings ranging from commercial office space to large government sites. Experienced using facilities management computer software system that provides clients knowledge- based asset management, preventive maintenance, procurement, and energy reporting capability. Core focus areas include:

  • Real Property Asset Inventory and Management
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Procurement Management
  • Energy Savings and Reporting
  • Material Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance and Services
  • Mail Room Operations
  • Transportation Planning and Support

DOD Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Support

We provide base operation and maintenance support services to include equipment and ground vehicle maintenance repair and maintenance, modification and service life extensions.

Administrative Support and Services

We provide a wide range of administrative support services for our clients by connecting them with thoroughly trained professionals in the areas of project management, acquisition support, routine office management, financial and budgeting support, and proven management techniques. Our personnel are customer-focused, highly experienced, and dedicated to mission accomplishment.

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